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What’s On

Our weekly Today Sheet (pdf) contains news of what’s going to happen in the coming week; details of the Sunday and week-day Services, as well as home groups and other group meetings. Beginning with a lead article from the Vicar, it also contains news bulletins about events and people.

We also have our glossy monthly publication, the Together magazine. With contributory articles by members of the church, parishioner profiles, puzzles and lots more – you can read current and past issues here.

Upcoming Events

Date Time Event
05/07/20 - 31/08/209:45am Our Virtual Worship Sunday Services
14/08/2012:00pm Organist Jonathan Delbridge Broadcast Concert of English Music (courtesy St John's)
16/08/2010:00am Service in Church - Tenth Sunday after Trinity
23/08/2010:00am Service in Church - Eleventh Sunday after Trinity