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Sightings of Jesus – Emmaus Road 2

The Reading:  Luke 24:13-35 

… did not our hearts burn within us …” (v.32) RSV

Last week we saw how the Breaking of Bread opened the eyes of the two whom Jesus had met on the Road to Emmaus.  Now we see the other great impact that Jesus had upon their lives.  As he had walked with them “… beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he interpreted to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself” (v.27).  Some of us find many things in what we commonly call the Old Testament hard to understand or even objectionable.  But the rule for Christians is that Christ can be found in “all the scriptures” (v.27).

In those sacred scriptures we can read of prophets, kings, priests, sacrifices, laws, obedience and acts of faith.  All these things find their fulfilment in Jesus.  He embodied all truth.  So if the Old Testament is truth, then we will find it fulfilled in Jesus.  What a bible study it must have been for those privileged two!  No wonder they later explained, “Did not our hearts burn within us while he … opened to us the scriptures?” (v.32).

This is what God’s preachers and teachers should be aiming to do; to open the scriptures so that Jesus is seen.  I remember a pulpit in a church that had a plaque on it for the preacher to read before he started; it read: “Sir.  We would see Jesus.”  Such Christ centred sermons will by the Holy Spirit quicken the Spirit within us, and make our hearts burn.  We will be hungry for such teaching and instruction.  “Lord, to whom else can we go?” said Peter, “You have the words of eternal life.” (John 6:68).

Let us pray for preachers and teachers.  And let us take up our bible and read with renewed enthusiasm the sacred word that leads us through to the Living Word, even Jesus Christ himself.

Thank you Lord for the words that you have spoken to me from time to time.  May I love your word and read with expectation, knowing that you will guide me into all truth.  Amen. 

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