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Pentecost – Togetherness

 The Reading: Acts 2:1-4

“They were all together in one place” (v.1) RSV

Jesus told the disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the promised Holy Spirit. They were much encouraged through his post resurrection appearances over a 40 day period. But now they are huddled together, fearful (“behind locked doors for fear of the Jews”), yet expectant and prayerful.

Our most effective praying is done when we are together, together especially in heart and mind. It is no use meeting if we are at loggerheads and cannot agree. Love covers a multitude of differences (age, brain-power, theology, priorities, etc). We need to be united in mutual respect and agreed upon what we are praying for.

When we meet together to pray we do not need to be few or many, but simply in harmony. We do not need to pray aloud or use set prayers or be lengthy or brief. These things depend on time and aptitude. But we need to be united in common prayer, letting our request be made known to God.

Do you pray with others? Sunday worship is one opportunity. A home group is another.

Maybe even prayer expressed on a shared website is acceptable to God. Do you pray with anyone in your family?

The disciples were “all” together. There may have been about 120 persons (see Acts 1:15). I can’t imagine the quieter ones leading in prayer, nor the women (at that time). The prayer did not make God send the Holy Spirit, but it brought them into line with God’s purposes, and allowed him to move in great power among them.

Lord Jesus, we thank you for your fellowship with the Father and the Son. Thank you for that example of heavenly harmony. May we know that harmony on earth.


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