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Pentecost – The Preacher

 The Reading: Acts 2:14-17, 22-23

“Peter, standing with the eleven, lifted up his voice and addressed them,” (v.14) RSV

Not all are evangelists, not all are public speakers, not all can express their faith and theology in clear and persuasive words. Only one of the Eleven actually did the public speaking. The rest were there, supporting and praying, and giving testimony to their experience.

But only Peter had the gift to lift up his voice and speak. We need to support and pray for those in our times who have the gift of preaching. Somebody has got to speak – for without a preacher the people will perish.

Sunday by Sunday preachers get up in pulpits and teach the faithful, they may even spend time trying to convert the converted! Their ministry to the faithful and to those who go to church is indispensible.

However the preaching of Peter on the day of Pentecost was not done in church to the converted; it was done to the unconverted, in the market place. Now, of course, our culture and circumstances are entirely different.

And sadly there are around, those brave but misguided preachers, who stand in our market places and preach sterile clichés which fall upon deaf ears.

But who is preaching through all available channels? Television, internet, public occasions or civic services, weddings and funerals, open air services in our parks, are all examples of readily available opportunities. But are the preachers who use these media being effective?

Let us pray for and support those who communicate the Gospel. And let us back them up by our lives and by our witness.

Dear Lord, may you provide the preachers that we need, who will have the courage to use their gifts in the public domain. Thank you for those who first preached the gospel to us. Amen 

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