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7 Ages – Lover

 The Reading:  Song of Solomon 1:1-4 

O that you would kiss me with the kisses of your mouth”  (v.2) RSV

The world loves a lover.  God loves lovers.  But he also wants to keep them from self-destruction.  God is not ashamed of physical love nor of the passions that draw young lovers together.  However, there are restraints and guidelines.

The Song of Solomon delights in God’s gift of love and sexual union.  Certainly it is also an analogy (and a wonderful one at that) of the union between Christ and his Church.  But primarily it rejoices in the gift of young love.

These wild passions can however easily run out of control.  Greed and lust can take over.  Instant gratification ruins self-control.  Our times are so often not God’s times.  We need to grow in patience, commitment and thoughts for others outside ourselves.

This is also true spiritually.  The Christian or believer can reach a point of ecstatic enthusiasm.  He is totally in love with Jesus and loves to sing and praise.  He wants to witness to others about his intense joy.  Such a person has a great gift, but it has to be tempered with thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

Especially, he needs to be patient with others who are not (apparently) enjoying the same degree of infatuation with Christ.  They are not necessarily failing in their love, but may well have gone on to a deeper more constant and devoted love.  We cannot all be red-blooded all the time in our spiritual journey.  Nevertheless some of us need to rediscover our “first love” (Revelation 2:4).

Thank you Lord Jesus for the first flush of love and enthusiasm that your followers have for you.  Help me to rediscover something of that passion.  Amen. 

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