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What would you sing if you were in prison?

From Louise 

Thank you to the person who responded to my question last week,  “what would you sing if you were in prison?”

At this moment I feel Quanta Qualia is high on the sing-in-prison list; the music, composed by Patrick Hawes, words by his brother Andrew, is quite haunting and the words express so precisely what we have all been and still are going through, but also what people must long for while in prison – which for many of us this last year has felt like. ‘How great and wonderful the joys of meeting will be’, both on earth and in heaven.  Close your eyes and listen:

O anima mea             O my soul
Mane!                         Wait!
O quanta qualia         O how great and how wonderful
Conventus gaudia     the joys of meeting
Erunt.                         will be.

I did close my eyes and listen, and it was beautiful – I was moved to tears and to prayer.

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