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Vicarage ‘Fronts’

There is much activity on the vicarage ‘fronts’.

In Taunton, the vicarage being built in the garden is nearing completion with the target date being the middle of June. The roof is on and the inside now needs to be finished. This will be a wonderful warm and secure home for the new vicar.  The office is almost ready to move into. It just needs the electrics and heating to be finished off. It is approximately 16 feet square and again facilities have been provided.  The new building will be called the Benefice Office.

Meanwhile, at Great Malvern, the Diocese of Worcester have excelled themselves in renovating the vicarage there. They have put in new windows, carpets and redecorated for us. The study has now been ‘isolated’ from the private part of the house and has its own facilities.

Both here and at Great Malvern, the work is on schedule and the tradesmen have worked very hard.

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