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Use Your Talents



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Remember this Sunday that we are handing out £10 notes!. Yes, entirely free. The catch is, however, that when you hand it back in due course you will be adding more £10 notes to it, because you will have been supremely inventive in using the cash to make more cash. See the separate leaflet at back of church for more details.

“Vicar gives out £550, receives back nearly £10,000!” You may have seen the story in the national press earlier this year: Revd Richard Steel of St John’s, Kirkheaton made very effective use of the Parable of the Talents to generate funds for the renovation of his church. Their target is £448,000; our Father Willis organ needs under half that amount – £200,000 – and your ingenuity can help us to reach it. The Kirkheaton congregation built bird-boxes, decorated wooden trinket boxes and cord-pulls, made chocolate truffles, produced a recipe book, created original artworks and home-made cards, bought and sold on eBay, plus presumably many other ideas which the papers didn’t record, and there’s every reason to believe that our congregation is just as inventive. You undoubtedly have hidden and not-so-hidden talents, and we’d love you to put them to this very practical purpose.

On Sunday 23 June we shall give £10 notes to the first 50 people in the congregation who come forward with a viable idea for turning £10 into £20, £50, £100 or even more – an 11-year old girl in Kirkheaton generated £550 selling her cards at 75p each. Between us we must come into contact with a huge number of people at work, at school, in our neighbourhoods and among our wider families, so we shouldn’t have to rely on the faithful at St Mary Magdalene alone to support the venture.

If you take part, you can plough the proceeds back into your scheme and repeat it as many times as you like, or do it just once and hand in what you’ve raised, or you can hand in some and re-invest the rest. Our aim is to gather all the proceeds together for the Harvest Thanksgiving service on Sunday 6 October, though some projects may possibly take longer to come to fruition – for example, our own intention to produce a booklet about the organ to sell through the Bookshop.

So don’t delay – start thinking immediately, pray for inspiration and come to church on 23 June bursting with initiative. We look forward to seeing you then, or later if you can’t make it to any of the services that day.

Mick and Di Polley

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