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Town Centre Chaplaincy

“Part of the money raised from our successful Magdalene Fayre will go to our continued support of the Town Centre Chaplaincy. I was with the chaplain, Adrian Prior Sankey last week. We were walking towards Vivary  Park when we were beckoned into G G the latest Indian restaurant that has just opened. It specialises in curries from North India.  We chatted to the new owners and they asked us to pray for them and their business. It was a a very special moment! A couple of new placements are in the pipeline including an invitation from Tesco to explore chaplaincy in their Wellington Road store. We have a new Parks chaplain, The Revd Tony Cox, who is a retired Methodist superintendent minister. At a recent Trust meeting we had the first results of a survey of substantial conversations our chaplains have had in their placements. A quarter of the conversations were about faith or were invitations to prayer. This is a very high figure and is really encouraging. The chaplains are being “salt and light” in our Town.”

Rod Corke, Vicar

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