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Time Capsule at the Somerset Heritage Centre

“On Wednesday, a group of us visited the Somerset Heritage Centre to witness the wrapping of all that is going in our time capsule.  We were very impressed and very soon we will be putting the capsule in the tower ceiling where it will remain until 2217.  We hope to organise a Signature trip to the centre so more folk can look around as soon as possible.”

Rod Corke, Vicar

There’s always time for a cuppa.

A sampling of the items chosen to go in the Time Capsule.

Each item wrapped in its own poly-plastic …

… and heat sealed.

Bye-bye wallet – with its £5  notes (old and new) and coins.

All items now sealed and airtight, and ready for insertion!

Time to get it all in!

The last item!

Ooooh, getting the cover on – tricky!

What are Vicars for? The final ‘seat’ of approval!

Sealed until 2217!

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