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Farewell and Thank You

“Dennis and Susanne’s farewell services last week went well, with over 50 people coming to the Worship@5 to wish them well. There are some super pictures on our website to view, Dennis is booked to return for The Accession Service in February next year – Benda Duggan is organising this. Susanne will continue to work in the office one day a week to update our website.”

Rod Corke, Vicar

“We would like to thank all the congregations of St Mary’s for their wonderful reception and send-off last Sunday.  The cake & fizz, the cards, the enormous cheque and the heart-felt sentiments were all gratefully received and will be treasured in the days to come.  Especial thanks to Rod for his support throughout this process of ‘moving on’.  We will never forget you all, and ask that you will pray for us as we settle into the life and ministry of the churches of Trull and Angersleigh.”

Dennis & Susanne

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