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Stewardship Sunday

It seems like an age ago now that Revd Mike Haslem celebrated “Stewardship Sunday” with us and   indeed, this was back in May.  Did you receive your envelope?  Have you returned your envelope?  We do still have some literature available at the back of church and both Christopher Mainstone (Treasurer) and myself are about after the 10am service if you would like to speak to us about it.

Our costs in 2018 were £164,200.  For 2019 our costs are budgeted at £171,600.  Income from our two Shops have traditionally shored up our  accounts to the tune of approximately £37,000 per annum.  However, it was agreed by the PCC in light of the £615,000 we need to raise over the next three or four years for repairs to the Tower that all Coffee Shop profits would be redirected to the Tower Fund.  This  is a loss to the church’s day-to-day  finances of some £30,000 per annum.

Valerie Gaskell, Finance Officer

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