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Snow Art Christmas Cards

Famous snow artist designs St Mary’s Christmas cards

Snow artist Simon Beck has kindly donated two special designs for this year’s Christmas cards in aid of the Bells of St Mary’s: one of St Mary’s tower and one of a star.

Simon, an experienced mountain climber and a keen bellringer himself, has lived in France for the last 10 years where he spends a lot of time designing patterns and then stamping them out in the snow, a task that can take him over 9 hours to complete. Some of his designs are a big as 3 football fields together!

It all starts with a mathematical pattern that he designs, followed by 2 hours of measuring in the snow. After that he literally stamps the design – something akin to a crop circle – out in the snow.

After finishing the work he then photographs it and puts the end result on Facebook. But Nature has her own programme and so it can happen that after a hard day’s work Simon returns in the morning to photograph his effort, only to find it covered up by a fresh layer of snow. Philosophically he has described this as a fresh opportunity to come up with something new….

You can find more information about Simon and his work through your search engine by typing in Simon Beck’s Snow Art, or by going on Facebook.

Here you can see some more of Simon’s snow creations as displayed on the Daily Telegraph’s website.

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