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Smile Please!

Smile Please
As part of our welcome preparations for Tobie Osmond I have been asked to compile a photo album featuring all members of the congregation.  Now we could line you all up at the end of services and take a head and shoulders, passport style shot, but wouldn’t it be nice (for him and us) to have a bit of variety.

So …… during the next month please send me a picture of yourself or, if you are a family, of yourselves.  It doesn’t matter too much where it is taken as long as you are reasonably identifiable.

The Rules:
Easiest for me to deal with is a digital photo (email to but a post card sized print (with your name(s) on the back) is equally acceptable.

Tobie wants to know what you look like now, not when you were sweet 16 (unless of course you are 16), so a reasonably contemporary shot please.

Failure to submit a picture within 28 days will result in you being taken outside the West Door where we will take your photo!

Richard Austin

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