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Signature Events

Our social team have been working hard and the meal at China China was a great success. The food, company and ambience were really good and a very enjoyable evening was had. Thank you to all who came and gave our new social programme a great start.

The Social Team have decided to give the social events we organise a generic name. From now onwards we will call the social happenings “Signature Events” – so, the next Signature Event is the train and ferry trip to Topsham on Tuesday 1st July.  After that the Signature Events we are arranging include a church picnic in August at Kilve, ten pin bowling in September and afternoon tea in Mr Miles early in the new year.

The trips are open to everyone and all that is required is that you sign up at the back of church (hence the use of the term “A Signature Event“) and pay at the bookshop.

We look forward to your company.

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