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Sea Sunday

“Tomorrow is Sea Sunday when we remember especially those whose work is associated with the sea. When I was a vicar in  Felixstowe, our parish covered part of the dock area. Felixstowe is the biggest container port in Britain.  If you visited the viewing area there you would be amazed by the size of the container ships and they have got even bigger since we left.  At ports, the church provides seamen’s missions which offer refreshment and facilities to the sailors who are often thousands of miles from home. The chaplains provide an invaluable service, are a trusted team of listeners and give appropriate prayer support. The chaplains board the ships and give away Christian literature and Bibles which are in many languages. Dock work is tough. The dock workers work rolling shifts -days, mornings, evenings and nights. This can have an adverse effect on home life. In my parish, the highest number of divorces in the UK were recorded. Please pray for all who are involved in work related to the sea today.”

Rod Corke, Vicar

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