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Rod’s Service of Collation and Installation

“Many of us were blessed with a fine sunny day last Sunday when we travelled by coach or car to Great Malvern Priory to join with the congregation there for Rod’s collation and induction and installation service.  We were given a very warm welcome from the parishioners there and invited to join them for refreshments – wonderful cakes!  Rod then took us on a tour of the Priory church which is a magnificent building with many stories to tell. The service was led by the Bishop of Worcester and the sermon given by the Archdeacon of Worcester. They both had a very relaxed style and caused a few ripples of laughter. I think we all felt that Rod is in good hands with them and with his congregation.  After the service we all gathered in the beautiful grounds surrounding the church for a Ploughman’s supper. All the food was locally sourced and very delicious. So. it was a day of conflicted feelings – saying a final farewell to Rod and wishing him and Rita well and returning to all the strangeness of an Interregnum with all the exciting things that may happen in the next few weeks and months. A number of the choir joined with the huge choir at Great Malvern to sing during Rod’s service and we were all impressed with the sound of the organ there.” (Photos courtesy Great Malvern Priory and David Guy.)  You can view more photos on Great Malvern Priory’s FB page.

Jean Lee

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