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“Ringing Remembers”

Ready to raise the bells for the National 1230 ring.

On Armistice Sunday St Mary’s bells rang out at 12:30 to mirror the joyous ringing of our bells when the Armistice was signed 100 years ago. This was part of a national event, “Ringing Remembers”, to recruit and train 1400 new ringers ready to ring on Armistice Sunday in memory of the 1400 bell ringers killed in the Great War. Twelve new ringers have been trained over the past 12 months and all rang very well as part of St Mary’s band of ringers.

Welcome! St Mary’s new bellringers.

St Mary’s bellringing team

The St Mary’s team, joined by other bellringers.

Presentation by Fred Sage of folders showing the story of Annie’s Ride to Annie, whose idea it all was, Pearl who did the organising and Jo, who as her additional challenge, learned to ring as the ride visited and rang at all the towers with bells in the Taunton Branch.  Annie’s ride was the single largest fundraiser for the new bells and raised sufficient money to pay for the 11th bell in the new ring.

The Presentation to key members of the “Annie’s Ride” fund raising initiative.

“Annie’s Ride” Commemorated

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