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“Ride & Stride” time is here!

Time to get lubricating so everything runs smoothly…and that’s just you! It’s also time to get the bike running nicely as well, if you prefer two wheels to two feet. Yes, this is a quick reminder that “Ride & Stride” time is here again. 

The nationally designated day is Saturday, 14th September. So, on that day, the more who can be involved the merrier. Our local church will be open until dusk, and we hope visitors will pay us a call.

And, of course, there is still time for members of our own congregation to decide to take part. If two wheels or your own two feet don’t appeal, there is no reason why you shouldn’t saddle up and ride and stride out on horseback!

 The Friends website has all the details, but a quick reminder that the money which, as a participant, you raise – either as an entrance fee or by sponsorship – will be split between two good causes; one is of your own choosing, and the other is the grant fund from which the Friends support work in our churches.

Good luck!


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