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Revision of the Church Electoral Roll

It will be effected before the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on Sunday 17 April 2016. Applications for enrolment are between 6th to 25th March. To be able to vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting your name must be included on the Electoral Roll.  If you would like to apply, please see the details published on the notice board by the West Door. Application forms are available at the back of Church, from the Churchwardens or from the parish office. Please hand/post completed forms to Geoff Hay, a Churchwarden or to the Parish Office. Existing Roll members do not need to re-apply. A complete list of members at 25 March 2016 will be displayed on the notice board from 27 March.  Please check your name is properly recorded. Please refer queries to the Electoral Roll Officer, Geoff Hay tel: 01823 257926

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