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Two pigeons decided to take sanctuary together (from the peregrines?) in the church last weekend. Like in the Two Pigeons fable they had clearly flown  in for a 3-day adventure.

No one could remember any previous occasion when the running of the church has been interrupted by avian visitors, and by Sunday they had more than outstayed their welcome. Despite our best efforts they clearly preferred high flying down the nave before resting on the crossbars at ceiling level. The mess they had caused and the potential distraction meant we had to cancel last Sunday’s 10 am service. But we were pleased to be able to redirect our worshippers to a warm welcome at St John’s.

The end came on Monday morning and arrangements were made for a full clean of the church carpets on Wednesday.

By the time you read this there may be darker areas of the carpet which will still be drying out but we are  back to normal and look forward to a full week of activities.

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