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PCC Awayday

18 members of the PCC joined with 12 from St John’s on Saturday 7 July to consider the process for appointing our new Vicar. We were led by our Archdeacon, Simon Hill, supported by the Diocesan Consultant, Caroline Bruce.

We began by each church looking at our respective Mission Action Plans, ‘Our Vision’, and considered how this should influence our thinking as to the sort of Vicar we want for our church. Individually, we then noted down what we each see as the priorities for the role. All this has been gathered together and will now be used to help a team of PCC members from each church put together the St Mary’s and St John’s Benefice Profile document.

For those who might be interested in the sort of document this is, if you Google ‘St James Taunton Parish Profile’ you will get an idea of the amount of work involved! We shall be very busy over the next couple of months or so but please speak to any of the churchwardens or members of the PCC if you have thoughts about both our priorities as a town centre church and the sort of vicar we should be seeking to lead us. A copy of our Mission Action Plan which lists the current members of the PCC is available at the back of church. Please pray for both our own PCC and for St Johns as we embark on this most important task.

Nigel Birkett, Acting Chair, PCC

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