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Pastoral Care

“We have a small Pastoral team of which you may or may not be aware. Now that we have no incumbent, we are concerned that everyone feels that they have someone to turn to in time of trouble, need, or indeed, joy. To that end we are putting a number of plans in place and over the next Today sheet letters, I will outline more details. For the moment, if you have immediate needs such as a pastoral visit, someone to talk to, or if you know of someone who needs a Home Communion, please let Valerie Gaskell know as she is coordinating the team at the moment. The churchwardens will also pass on any messages. In the meantime we urge you all to chat to your neighbours in the pews (I’m sure you do that anyway) and check that all is well with them.

So, we rise to any challenges that may face us in the coming weeks and months, in the knowledge that God is with us and guiding us as we enjoy the beautiful sunny days.”

Jean Lee

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