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News & Updates

Here’s what we get up to at St Mary’s. Activities, news, notices – lots to interest and inform. You can also take a look at the Today sheet (pdf) and selected articles from our Together magazine.

Worship@5 – ‘Why does God allow suffering?’


Tomorrow, Sunday 21st January, we are looking  at the problem of suffering during our Worship@5 service.  Why does a loving God allow it to happen? We all experience suffering ourselves and in others and it is good to explore what the Bible says.

If you’ve never been to a Worship@5 service, they are 45 minutes long, begin with coffee from 4.30pm onwards and are designed to be very accessible. Why not invite a friend and come along?

Rod’s moving on


“Last week, Valerie Gaskell, as Church Warden, gave the official announcement that I had accepted a new position as Incumbent of Great Malvern Priory in Worchester Diocese. This announcement caught many of you by surprise and so I explained how God led us to that decision. If you missed this, copies of what I said will be available at the back of the church today. As it stands, it looks as if our last Sunday here will be in late May. Rita and I have been overwhelmed by your love and support at this challenging time. We have loved our time here and the work continues. The PCC meets on Wednesday to discuss this and other important issues. If you are elected on the PCC, please do try to come.”

Rod Corke, Vicar

66th Anniversary Accession Festal Evensong


The 6th February 2018 marks the 66th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. On the nearest Sunday to that date we shall hold a Festal Evensong service to celebrate the longest reign of any British monarch and to remember how she has held to the promise she had made on her 21st birthday when she said, “I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong”.

The service will be at 6.30pm on Sunday 4th February 2018 at St Mary Magdalene Church, Taunton.
Refreshments after the service.

All will be very welcome.

Celebrating St John’s Patronal Festival 2018!


As last year, we shall be joining with St John’s to celebrate their Patronal Festival next Sunday the 21st January.  We have also been invited to share lunch with them at “The Retreat” which is the restaurant at The Cornerhouse Hotel, just yards from the church.  This was a lovely occasion last year and I would highly recommend it.  Cost for two courses is £14.95, for three courses, £17.95.  Can you please add your name to the list at the back of the church and indicate your choice of courses.  Payment will be on the day at the restaurant.  Final date for names is Sunday 31st December, at the 10am service.

Valerie Gaskell, Church Warden

Peregrine Camera


The TV camera to monitor the peregrines will be shortly set up in the North Aisle ready for the breeding season. The tower will be out of action until this is complete but we are  confident that tower tours will be able to resume in the summer months. We are planning a peregrine day in March.

Christian Compassion Centre


We are delighted the Vineyard Church now owns a vast premises at the back of Bailhache Solicitor’s. This will be turned into a Christian Compassion Centre over the coming years. We wish them well in this exciting venture.

The Healing Service


Our Healing Service together with the Laying on of Hands on Sunday 14th January, 2018 at  This service is open to everyone and will include hymns, a reading and prayers for healing in mind and body, with the Laying on of Hands for those who wish it. The Healing Grace of God is open to all, as it was in the beginning and is now.

Healing Services will continue monthly on the second Sunday of the month.


Christmas into 2018!


“I hope that your Christmas holidays went as you planned and that time spent with family and friends was rewarding in some way. For those of you who spent a quiet Christmas. I hope your reflections and quiet times brought you joy too. In the end we are never alone as Jesus revealed that God is with us always. We were so blessed here to have so many Concerts and Carol Services to help us prepare and celebrate the birth of Christ. A highlight was ‘From Darkness to Light’, thank you Miles and all collaborators. Thank you too to our bell ringers for the quarter peal of Grandsire Caters rung for our Carol Service and to mark the centenary of the death of William Fudge, a St Mary’s ringer who was killed in the First World War.

Let us now turn towards 2018 and be open and ready for what God has in store for us. Here at St Mary Magdalene Church, we remember our mission statement ‘To know Christ better and make Him better known’. This coming term looks as busy and challenging as usual in the life of our beautiful church and local community. We look forward to continuing our Benefice partnership with our sister church St John the Evangelist. Please note that we shall worship at St John’s church for the 10am service on the 21st January as it is their Patronal Festival. We also look forward to working with other groups in the Town. One project which will be of interest to most of you is the Eat Taunton Food Festival on Saturday 12th May. More details later.”

Marlene Phillips, Church Warden

Camera Feed for Peregrine Scrape


Good news! The money has been raised and permissions given for a camera feed from the peregrine’s scrape into the pews in the North Aisle. If the peregrines breed in February we are now ready to capture all that happens. Michael Leigh Mallory, who has led this community project, has collected a lot of scientific data about our birds. For example, we know that when the temperature drops, the birds feed locally and at night. In the summertime, they were feeding over The Levels.

New Neighbour!


Good news!  After many months delay, Vineyard Church has purchased the former nightclub at the back of Bailhache Solicitors to convert into their Compassion Centre. Vineyard will be our new next door neighbours and it is wonderful that another church with such a caring and missional heart will be so close. Their worship centre will continue to be at Castle School.

Church Closed


After the Family Communion on Christmas Day, the church will be closed until 2nd January when it will open again.

However, please note, there will be an 8.00am and 10.00am Holy Communion service on Sunday 31st December but there will be no Evensong that day.