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News & Updates

Here’s what we get up to at St Mary’s. Activities, news, notices – lots to interest and inform. You can also take a look at the Today sheet (pdf) and selected articles from our Together magazine.

Taunton Foodbank


2013-Foodbank -IMG_3007_mini

Your very generous donations continue to be most welcome, and really fill a need at this difficult time.

There is a particular shortage of 1lb bags of sugar (as opposed to the normal 2lb bags).

2013-Foodbank -IMG_3008_mini

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Trinity Sunday


Sunday 26th May – Trinity Sunday— the day when we explore what it means to worship a Trinitarian God.

A classic definition of the Trinity is:

The Trinity defines God as three divine persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; “one God in three persons”. The three persons are distinct, yet are one “substance, essence or nature”.

A nature is what one is, while a person is who one is.

Join us as we explore this further.


A Very Special Weekend


Away Day 18-05-13 -DSCF9734_mini

Last weekend was very special indeed.  Starting on Saturday 18th May, the PCC Away Day at the Mill House was encouraging. We basked in the sunshine in beautiful surroundings. In the afternoon, the PCC discussed updating the Coffee Shop area and several suggestions were put forward.


Fr Frank & pulpit-7x2-IMG_2971_mini

At our 10:00am service on Sunday, Fr. Frank preached powerfully on “The Holy Spirit”. If you missed his sermon you can hear it again on our Sermons page.  He has now returned to The Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka taking with him our warm greetings.

Peter Price 19-5-13 -DSC_8211_mini

At 5.30pm Margaret Caddick and her hard working team produced a cream tea to greet Bishop Peter Price as he came to preach at the service held to commemorate the centenary of the Taunton & Somerset Music, Drama & Dance.  The worship which followed was rich and spiritually uplifting.  We pray for Peter and Dee that they adjust comfortably to a well earned retirement in June.


Highlights of these and other activities of this special weekend can be seen in our ‘Bumper Pentecost Weekend’ video!



Meets in St Mary Magdalene Church on the first Wednesday of every month at 2.00pm and all are welcome.

More details from Marlene Phillips (please contact Rosemary Sage during June and July).

Day of Pentecost


Pentecost Banner Church 7x2-IMG_0340_mini

Pentecost (Whit Sunday) is when we remember and celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem just as Jesus had promised.

It is a delight to see the Pentecost banner once more looking so splendid.

“When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.” Acts 2:1-4

Thanksgiving Evening Service with Bishop Peter Price


We are thrilled that Bishop Peter Price is coming to a special evening service of thanksgiving this Pentecost Sunday at 6:30 pm to celebrate the centenary of the Taunton and Somerset Music Dance and Drama Festival.  Musicians from all over Taunton will converge on St. Mary’s to lift our worship to new heights.  Bishop Peter will preach.

This will be one of Peter+ last engagements and, he should be with us for scones and jam from 5.30pm onwards.

If you would like to come to the tea – simply sign up at the back of Church to help us with the catering numbers.

Sunday 19th May – we look forward to seeing you.

Fr Frank Visits

Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Lusaka, Zambia

Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Lusaka, Zambia

This Pentecost Sunday at our 10:00 am Communion service, we welcome Fr. Frank Hakoola, City Canon/Priest at The Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka, Zambia.

Fr Frank works with Fr. Charley at the cathedral and will be preaching for us today.

We are delighted to welcome him.


Two Teas on Pentecost Sunday


On this Sunday afternoon, 19th May,  Rod and Rita host the Welcome Tea at the Vicarage. If you have joined us recently do come along. They would love the opportunity to meet you

Welcome Tea - 452050_time_for_tea_1Then follows another tea!

We are having jam and scones at the back of Church to greet the Rt. Revd Peter Price, our Diocesan Bishop. Peter retires in June and this is one of his last engagements. We have benefited so much from his leadership, wisdom, preaching and support over the last eleven years. Peter is preaching at a special service at 6.30pm to celebrate 100 years of Taunton Dance, Drama and Music. We have singers and musicians coming from afar to help us worship God and celebrate. Do come!


TCT Representative


TCT – We are looking for someone to represent St. Mary Magdalene’s at the TCT meetings. (About 4 per year).

If you are interested in doing this please speak to Rod or one of the wardens.


First Spring & Summer Stall


Tombola - 197794_thirsty


Help!  We have very few bottles for the Tombola stall on Saturday 11 May – our first Spring and Summer Stall!

All bottles would be gratefully received.  If  you are able to donate a bottle (or two) please leave it in the box provided in the pews near the organ pipes.




We would also welcome donations of books and puzzles.

   Tombola - Books - 245136_books - cropped  Tombola - Jigsaws -944233_-puzzle_i-


Please leave anything you may have in the box provided or speak to Nik, our Caretaker.

Ministers in Taunton


On Wednesday 28th April, ministers from the churches and fellowships in town are going to worship together in the upper room at 7.00am. Following this they will pray for the town from the top of the tower and then breakfast together at County Stores. I report this to stress the good relationships between the minsters in Taunton. Long may that continue.

Don’t forget that we enjoy breakfast together after the 8.00 am communion on Friday. Everyone is welcome to come. It is the perfect start to Friday mornings.

Spring and Summer Stalls


We are arranging a number of stalls during the spring and summer, the first of which will be books, puzzles and tombola on the 11th May. We would like donations of books and puzzles, and bottles for the tombola and also, for future stalls, we will be looking for toys, bric a brac, handbags and accessories, and more bottles for future tombolas. Please leave anything you may have in the box provided.