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Our Volunteers

Where would we be without their help and assistance? There are so many volunteers that it is difficult to mention them individually but they rightly deserve recognition and a heartfelt thanks in our prayers. They put in long hours without reward and contribute greatly to the welcoming atmosphere which is such an important feature in our church. A read through our visitors book shows just how many people mention the warm friendly welcome to our immaculate church. The NHS web-site states that volunteering has a huge positive impact on people and communities. In particular, volunteering gives a sense of purpose and direction in life and is good for our health and well-being! We are sure our wonderful volunteers will echo this sentiment.

We also mention the St Mary Magdalene and St John’s PCC teams as they continue their hard work in preparing the Profile of our two churches as a first step along the road to the filling of our own vacancy and the ending of our interregnum.

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