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Organic Appetiser for Organ Appeal

The first Organic Appetiser will be on Sunday 22nd October after the 10am service. We will gather near Father Willis and enjoy a delicious canapé and a demonstration of a choice flavour from Father Willis’s palette of sounds! This month Miles will be demonstrating the soft reed stops – with the aid of a beautiful Prélude by César Franck (written at about the same time that the organ was built).

Please do join us and donate if possible to the retiring collection – to help get us up to the final amount needed for the renovations.

For a more fulsome description of the Organic Appetisers, please see below:-

Organic Appetisers … in full (by Miles Quick)

To feast at your table in heaven…

This familiar and lovely phrase comes from the Eucharistic Prayer.  Food is mentioned many times in the bible – perhaps because we are all highly experienced eaters and so it connects powerfully with us as an image.  One such image is the feast which awaits us in heaven.  We can get a slight but memorable foretaste of the Heavenly Feast in many ways, both related and unrelated to food.  The recent tea party in thanksgiving for the care Val Oates received at Dene Barton Hospital was one such event.  This is also the high aim of …

Father Willis’s Organic Appetisers

The first of these Appetisers (primarily intended for our own congregation, though the wider world is welcome) will be held on Sunday 22nd October after the 10 am service, at about 11.30 am, after a short pause for coffee etc.  Those interested will gather in the choir stalls to allow a closer experience of the organ than usual, and the appetiser will last 15-20 minutes – incorporating three elements:

  1. A delicious canapé will be served, individually crafted from organic local ingredients by the multi-talented culinary experts from our choir.
  2. A general description will be given of an aspect of Father Willis, explained and demonstrated by one of our resident organists.
  3. A short piece will be played which particularly emphasises this feature of what Mozart called ‘the King of Instruments’.

We hope that each appetiser will deepen appreciation and understanding of this mysterious and historic figure in our worship – what Arthur Wills called ‘the supreme God-instrument’.  By contrast, CS Lewis said ‘of all musical instruments I like the organ least’.  One cannot sit on the fence concerning these matters, and hopefully these short sessions will help.  Also each Appetiser will aim to raise excited anticipation of (and money to hasten) the day when Father Willis will have a new heart and lungs to help lead us in worship for many years to come;  and it should also set you up perfectly for Sunday Lunch!

There will be a retiring collection, suggested minimum donation (all inclusive – including canapés, explanations, souvenir programme and music): £5.

Appetisers will take place on the 4th Sunday of each month until the refurbishment begins (hopefully next year), or until such time as Father Willis, due to plummeting health, is no longer able to perform to an acceptable standard.  Upcoming bookings are as follows:

Sunday 26th November 2017– Andrew Carter:  the Great ReedsSonata para la Trompeta Real – José Lidón

December 2017 (no appetiser owing to Christmas being already a time of full culinary enjoyment)

Sunday 28th January 2018Julia Steward:  the gentle flute stops;  Toccatina for the flutes – Pietro Yon

Sunday 25th February 2018John Bodiley:  the organ’s ability to sustain, pointing out differences with other keyboard instruments;  Le Banquet Céleste – Messiaen

Please do join us if you possibly can!

Miles Quick

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