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New Service ~ “5 O’Clock Worship @ St Mary’s” ~ October 2015

Richards Clock“Another exciting new venture is going to take place at the start of next year.  On Sunday 17th January 2016 a short, casual and contemporary service will be launched in St Mary’s.  It is proposed that this service is repeated each month on the third Sunday.

The 5pm start enables people to lie-in for the morning, or cook a Sunday roast, or go out for the day, or take children to their sporting activities.  It will also allow folk to have the full evening free for preparing for work the next day!  This service is geared to the busy soul who also wants to worship God and be strengthened for the week that lies ahead.

Tea and coffee will be available for those who want from 4.45pm onwards, and then we move into worship at 5pm.  The wording, songs, talking and praying will take no more than ¾ hour, so we can start to leave from 5.45pm onwards.  This will also enable the Evensong congregation to arrive in time for their 6.30pm start.

What do you think, is this for you?  Or maybe it is suitable for some of your friends, neighbours or workmates?  Do think about it and spread the word.”

The 5 O’Clock Team

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