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New Benefice Service ~ Inauguration

1-IMG_4362 - Joint Benefice-7x2-named

Sunday evening we have a special celebration. The Bishop of Taunton, The Rt. Revd Peter Morris is coming to help us inaugurate the new benefice of St Mary Magdalene and St John the Evangelist.  We are looking forward to working with our neighbouring church and supporting each other in our mission to Taunton.

At the service, Rod will be inducted as the first incumbent of the new benefice.  Jane Eastell will be Associate Vicar (with responsibility for the St. John’s parish).  Dennis will be Associate Priest and Sheila will become Benefice Curate. The PCC’s and the parishes remain separate legal identities contained within the legal “wrapper” of a benefice.  During the service each church will present to the other a copy of the Common Worship Prayer Book inscribed with the date of inception.

Please come to the service and pray for this new venture. There will be a light buffet afterwards and we give thanks to the catering teams from both churches for providing refreshments.

Let the bells ring out!

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