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MU’s Wave of Prayer Service


Walk long – Walk together


“Our Wave of Prayer service took us on a walk, the theme being ‘If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk long, walk together’.  And so we placed our footsteps leading towards the map leading us towards our link dioceses.  In this way we were able to pray for our members and the workers in False Bay South Africa, Shinyanga Tanzania, Umuahia & Ijebu Nigeria, Vellore India, as well as our own Bath & Wells members, and our Diocesan President Margaret Hendy.  Everybody took part placing their foot prints down with their names on. We joined together in singing two wonderful hymns as well as our prayers. Our next meeting is March 2nd 2.30pm in the coffee shop area when we hope to have the MU Chaplin talking on ‘A Celebration of Faith’. All are welcome.”

Margaret Allen

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