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Manna – the Healing Issue

‘Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word, and I shall be healed’.

 It’s something we say before sharing in communion, but what does it really mean to be healed?

The autumn edition of Manna explores this question, examining what healing really means to us as Christians.

Our feature asks what are our hopes for healing, and shows us what healing looks like ‘on the ground’ in our communities. It’s often simpler than we might think.

  • A GP reflects on prayer for healing in the medical world; a world which he believes needs Shalom at its centre.
  • The Right Rev Peter Maurice, Bishop of Taunton shares his personal experience of healing, and why he believes the church needs healing at its heart.
  • John Foskett shares his unexpected reaction to facing illness in My Faith, and Sue Yabsley shows us the importance of self-care for our clergy who she supports in her role each day.
  • And what was the purpose of the healing miracles? Did they really happen? The Revd Matt Thomson tells us why he is convinced they did in Soul Food.

Look out for this exploration in to the world of healing in Manna, now available free in your local church, or to read online here: 

And remember: read, reflect…and pass on.

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