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Lighting Project Completed ~ August 2012

We are pleased today that our new lighting system has been completed and the work signed off. On Wednesday final adjustments were made. Following the review we are now hoping to light the statue of St.Mary Magdalene. Several people have mentioned to me the pair of whiter lights near the nave altar and asked why are they different? The reason is that this is a different kind of light which can be programmed to give a coloured flood. When we have concerts or plays in the Church, this system will be used to the full. What is particularly impressive about the lighting is how unobtrusive they are and the evenness of the lighting fall. The system is a significant improvement on what existed before; easier to control, cheaper to run and uses much less energy. Unfortunately the bill of approximately £90,000 will be challenging to find. If you feel you could give a gift towards this, it would be greatly welcomed and appreciated.

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