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Lent Talks, Verses & Leaflets


Our Lent Course started on Wednesday, 17th February at 7.30pm, and continue through to the 16th March.  Do come and join us, even if you cannot come to every one.


Traditionally Lent is a time when people give up something for 40 days. But is that what it is all about? I like to think of it more of a time for us to examine where we are in our spiritual lives. To wonder how we have grown in our faith over the last year. Many of us struggle to remember Bible verses. One thing you could try doing during Lent is each week to write a verse that you like, or find helpful, on a small piece of paper, perhaps half A5 i.e. half the size of the Today Sheet. Then take this and roll it up into a tube and tie it together with a piece of ribbon or wool. Keep it with you. And then each morning, noon and night, take it out and read it, along with its Bible reference, and by the end of the week, hopefully you will have learnt that verse. And then find another verse for the next week and so on. You could learn six new verses between now and Easter! Give it a try!


Would you like to get some gentle exercise early on in Lent? If so, we desperately need some more people to help deliver our Easter leaflets to houses in our parish. We wish to thank Roy Sims for all his help, as twice a year he spends time organising over two thousand of these leaflets into roads for us. But they are no use sitting here in church. There is a sign-up sheet at the back of church with the roads that we still need to cover. This is a wonderful way you can be involved in Mission. As you push a leaflet through a letterbox, you can silently say a prayer for the occupant. Do help if you can. Just a half hour or so will make a huge difference!

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