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Lent Talks

During Lent, Revd Dennis Cavaghan led us in a series of Lent talks on an acrostic “CROSS”.

The sermon, Ash and Cross, on Ash Wednesday set the theme ‘CROSS’ for the following weekly talks.

Cross - 1184184_77005073C = Crucifixion

R = Rest

O = Obedience

S = Service

S = Salvation

We met on Thursdays at 7:30 pm, beginning on the 13th March and continuing through to the 10th April, enjoying tea and coffee afterwards.

This last talk on Salvation completes the series of these Lent talks.

  • Crucifixion … the cost
  • Rest ………….. the benefit
  • Obedience …. the response
  • Service ……… the imitation of Christ
  • Salvation ….. the full benefits

Special thanks go to Joan Jay for organising the tea and coffee and to Sheila, Rosie and Andy for accompanying the hymns.  

In addition to clicking the above links to hear the various talks, they can also be found on our Sermons page.

Thank you for journeying with us through Lent.

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