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Last Sunday at St Mary’s

Last week we were delighted that Bishop Ruth and her husband, Howard, worshipped with us.

They were very pleased with the welcome they received and wanted me to pass on to all at St Mary Magdalene how friendly they found folk.  Bishop Ruth will be back again soon and we will look forward to her ministry every time she comes.

DSCN8112_mini-strThe second 5 o’clock service was also very successful and is becoming established as part of our worship pattern.  Dennis gave us pointers as to how to cope when life deals us “lemons”.

Next month, I will be leading  the 5 o’clock service for the first time and I’m going to be considering how we can be assured of God’s guidance.  Remember: coffee before the service and it lasts only 45 minutes.

Why not give it a try and invite some friends along too?

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