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Interregnum Thanks and Prayers

Following the departure of Reverend Rod Corke earlier this year, our parish is now in a temporary period of being without a Priest, known as Interregnum (“between reigns”).  During this time, we are working on the recruitment process to find our new vicar.  We pray for all those involved with this process. As well as it being an exciting time as we look forward and reignite our vision, it is also an opportunity to say thank you to all those that are helping to help us worship together in so many ways.  Thank you to all those who, in whatever way, have “stepped up to the plate” and helped us not only to “keep the show on the road” but also to move “the show” forward. During the last few months we have maintained our service pattern and the quality of the worship we provide has continued to be very high.

We especially give thanks to all the clergy for the number of extra services that they have taken on. We pray for your continued support in helping in the coming months. We have shown how strong our Church really is through this period.

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