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Interregnum Preparation

As we prepare for the interregnum, there are three positions we need to fill.

Firstly we need a new Christian Aid Rep who will help us to consider supporting aid work in Third World countries.

Secondly, we need a co-editor for the parish magazine ‘Together’-these are the skills required:-
–  Basic understanding of word processing, particularly pasting and copying material from one document to another.
–  Familiarity of using email and including attachments.
–  Knowing how to store and organise material on (your own) computer.
–  Email, telephone and face to face communication skills – (to be able to chase up material and clarify/correct material) without causing upset).

Thirdly, it would be very useful to have a third person to join Liz and Nick in VoicePC on a Friday evening 7.45pm to 9.00pm .
–  A sense of fun and an enjoyment of being with young people in a Christian environment are the only qualifications.
–  Possibly this could be a once a fortnight commitment in term time.
–  No teaching or planning will be expected.

Is God calling you to help in any of these three areas? Do see me ASAP

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