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“Interregnum Period”

“So now we find ourselves in an “interregnum period”.  The PCC are meeting with Archdeacon Simon Hill on Saturday 7th July to discuss all things appertaining to the months ahead, but especially with regard to writing our Parish Profile.  This is an important document which sets out who we are and what we are, here at St Mary Magdalene and our sister church, St John the Evangelist, as we are a Benefice.

Talking of important matters, perhaps I should at this point explain about the management structure of St Mary’s during the interregnum.  At our most recent PCC meeting (22nd May), Nigel Birkett was confirmed as Acting Chairman, and other important offices including sub-committees of Worship, Mission and Finance & Property were also confirmed.  However, the day to day management of the church falls to the Management Team which consists of our three Wardens, Jean Hall, Marlène Phillips and Nigel Birkett, together with Margaret Laver as the PCC representative and myself as Finance Officer.

If you would like to speak to someone regarding church matters, please speak to one of the Wardens initially who will then direct you to the appropriate person.  However, during an interregnum it is the Rural Dean, Revd Rebecca Harris, who has responsibility for St Mary Magdalene and you will find her details on the back page of the Today sheet.”

Valerie Gaskell
Finance Officer

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