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Huge Thank You from Sheila … with Pics

Here are some photos from Sheila’s Licensing service which was held on September 30th 2017 in North Yorkshire at 3.00pm.   Sheila was licensed as House for Duty Priest of the Parishes of St John the Baptist, Bishop Monkton and St Leonard’s Church, Burton Leonard.  The Bishop was Nicholas, Lord Bishop of Leeds, who is often on Thought for the Day, so some of you may well know of him.  The St Mary’s group are representing Thursday Manna Home Group, plus Rod and Daphne.

A huge thank you for those from St Mary’s who travelled up to N Yorkshire for my Licensing service.  It was lovely to see some familiar smiling faces in the congregation. Also thank you to so many of you who very kindly sent Andy and me cards.   It was a really special day, and my first Sunday although busy was amazing – 2 Harvest All Age services as well as a BCP HC.  In all over 200 adults and 65 children attended. Since then I’ve also been to a school Harvest thanksgiving, a Harvest lunch and I’ve already had two weddings booked for next year!   Thank you again for all the love and prayers you have sent.  And I wish you all well at St Mary Magdalene.”  Sheila

A group of us went to North Yorkshire to support Shelia.

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