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Good Friday Unity Service and ‘Shout Out’

The ‘Unity Service for Good Friday’ was an ecumenical service of devotion at the foot of the cross of Jesus. It was well attended by people from any churches in Taunton.  The congregation then walked down Whirligig Lane to join with the congregation of St James for a silent ‘Walk of Witness’ up to the Market House where hundreds of Christians joined in a ‘Good Friday Shout Out’.

A bag of coins – the price of Jesus’ betrayal
A crown of thorns – the cruel distortion of Christ’s kingship
A crimson robe – the mockery of Christ’s authority and power
Some dice – the soldiers play games for Jesus’ worldly possessions
Three nails – the extreme suffering endured through crucifixion
A spear – the death of Jesus confirmed by the outflowing of blood and water

The sermon being preached

The silent ‘Walk of Witness’ begins

The silent ‘Walk of Witness’ proceeds through Taunton

Crosses held high

Good Friday ‘Shout Out’ at the Market House

Why have we gathered?
To declare God’s love for our town.

Why today?
Because it’s Good Friday.

Why is Good Friday special?
Because it is the day that God’s son Jesus died.

How did Jesus die?
He was cruelly nailed to a cross.

What happened on that cross?
Jesus took upon himself our sins and reconciled us to our Father God.

Did it end there?
On Easter Day, Jesus rose from the dead.

What is our hope?
One day Jesus will return.

What is Jesus’ promise?
That we will dwell with him forever.

What is Jesus asking of us?
To submit our lives to him, to serve others, and make Jesus’ love known.

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