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“From Darkness to Light”

Just like the season of Lent prepares us for the celebration of Easter, so Advent is preparation of the coming of Jesus at Christmas. Unfortunately, in recent years, the rush to Christmas has left the Advent season without much marking. To remedy this, at St Mary’s there is a special service on Sunday 29th November at 7.30pm called From Darkness into Light. Here Advent hymns will be sung, Advent readings read and we will begin properly to prepare for the first and second coming of Jesus. This service is the inspiration of Ian Carson who had seen it in a cathedral setting and has led us to want to experience it for ourselves. Ian, Miles and the choir have put much work into the service and we are joined by singers and instrumentalists from St George’s Catholic church, St George’s Church, Wilton and our sister church of St John The Evangelist. We have borrowed two stunning candle lit wooden candelabra from Wilton church and the service will begin in darkness as we await the coming light. Do come along on tomorrow evening.

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