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‘Friday Night Light’ at St John the Evangelist

Friday Night Light at St John the Evangelist is not a service – there are no hymns, no sermon or set pattern – it is a meditative event, an opportunity to draw away from the frenetic life style of the world and draw closer to God.  The beautiful interior of St John’s is lit entirely by candles and music plays softly in the background.  Don’t be concerned about entering what may be a strange church – the shadows provide a certain anonymity – just walk in and sit down for as long or short a time as is desired.

The next Friday Night Light is Friday March 18th 7.30pm to 8.30pm  – the Friday before Holy Week.  Why not come along to be still and quiet – to ponder on the loneliness and despair of Good Friday leading to the mystery and joy of Eastertide.

For more details please contact Revd Jane Eastell.

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