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Father Willis’s Open House – Wednesday 19 December

The organ builders have generously allocated Wednesday 19th December (c10 am – 3 pm) as a good day for people to pop in and see what is going on inside our Father Willis organ.  Members of Michael Farley’s staff will be working on site, and if you would like to have a look and get some explanation of what all the bits and pieces do before it is all covered up again, please do pop into the church between 10 and 3 and feel free to strike up a conversation.  They are all very friendly!

Another opportunity will be on Tuesday 22nd January 2019 6.30 to 7.30 pm when we will hold an hour entitled ‘The Organ Builders Entertain‘.  Appetisers will be served and there will be an opportunity to see the wheels going round and to hear a foretaste of what ‘New Father Willis’ is going to be sounding like …

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