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From the Bishops and Archdeacons …

Excerpt From a Letter received this week from the Bishops and Archdeacons

“Pentecost Sunday is on 31 May. It continues to look unlikely that we will be able to gather in any numbers by then and any reopening of our church  buildings will need to be phased and restrictions undertaken. The House of Bishops is meeting virtually each week with Bishop Peter and Ruth both present. The House met this afternoon and a phased return to our churches is under consideration and plans are being put in place. You can be assured that as lockdown is lifted and we receive detailed guidance about what is possible for us, in terms of reopening our churches, we shall keep you fully informed.

May we remind you that although our church buildings remain closed just now, the Church is very much open for business. We are the Church and the way we live during this crisis could witness to God’s love as effectively as those early disciples did in their words of testimony that first Pentecost day.

Thank you for continuing in the hope Christ has set before us and as we pray for the Holy Spirit to come may we discover more of what God is asking the Church to become for the future.

With our love, prayers and blessing for you and those you pray and care for.”

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