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Congratulations Paul! ~ November 2012

Our Curate, Paul, will be moving to the Midlands in January to take up the position of Vicar of in the Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul, Water Orton, on the north east edge of Birmingham. The date of his institution is likely’ to be the 11th February at 7.00 pm. He has written of his forthcoming appointment: “I consider myself fortunate to have been selected for this position and very much look forwards to it with a degree of trepidation. I have also enjoyed my time in Taunton and so there will also be that sense of sadness as I move on. The parish I am going to would describe itself as evangelical in nature having two morning services, the first more traditional and the second more informal with a music band.”

We congratulate Paul on his future prospects and are sure he will accomplish a rich ministry in his future parish.  No doubt some form of transport will be organised so that a crowd from St Mary’s can support him on the day of his institution.

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