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Coffee ‘Exiteer’ or ‘Remainer’

“After our 10.00am Sunday service, all those present are invited to stay and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a chat with other members of the congregation.  This is always the best way to get to know people, without awkward formalities. In fact, of course, not everybody does stay but you don’t need to feel apologetic if you do not.  There are many perfectly proper reasons why people might wish to leave fairly quickly: not everyone particularly likes tea or coffee, (and it has to be admitted that ‘Church coffee’ does have a rather bad press, although I would judge that St Mary’s is well above average in this respect).  Some folk have pressing commitments elsewhere or need help with transport arrangements. Or, again, some may feel rather shy or tongue-tied, preferring to keep a low profile in a large company.  I particularly mention this last group because I can sympathise with them; I have often felt like that myself, especially in my younger days.

But none of us is perfect, and whether you are a quick ‘Exiteer’ or a ‘Remainer’ in church this Sunday morning, or come in at any other time during the week, you are always most welcome and we look forward to seeing you again.”

P Roe

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