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Christmas into 2018!

“I hope that your Christmas holidays went as you planned and that time spent with family and friends was rewarding in some way. For those of you who spent a quiet Christmas. I hope your reflections and quiet times brought you joy too. In the end we are never alone as Jesus revealed that God is with us always. We were so blessed here to have so many Concerts and Carol Services to help us prepare and celebrate the birth of Christ. A highlight was ‘From Darkness to Light’, thank you Miles and all collaborators. Thank you too to our bell ringers for the quarter peal of Grandsire Caters rung for our Carol Service and to mark the centenary of the death of William Fudge, a St Mary’s ringer who was killed in the First World War.

Let us now turn towards 2018 and be open and ready for what God has in store for us. Here at St Mary Magdalene Church, we remember our mission statement ‘To know Christ better and make Him better known’. This coming term looks as busy and challenging as usual in the life of our beautiful church and local community. We look forward to continuing our Benefice partnership with our sister church St John the Evangelist. Please note that we shall worship at St John’s church for the 10am service on the 21st January as it is their Patronal Festival. We also look forward to working with other groups in the Town. One project which will be of interest to most of you is the Eat Taunton Food Festival on Saturday 12th May. More details later.”

Marlene Phillips, Church Warden

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