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‘Call to Prayer’


Do notice the new prayer cards that have beenplaced near the votive candles. These can be taken away or used in church by folk who would like some prayers to pray. Prayer is so important to the health of a church. Presently, the ministry team have been praying for ten minutes in St Andrew Chapel for our services and for the other churches in Taunton. We would like to open this to anyone who would like to come. We begin at 9.20am and end at 9.30am.


Following the Archbishop’s Pentecost call to prayer we have arranged an evening of prayer on Thursday 12th May between 7.00-9.00 pm. There is more information inside the Today Sheet. St John’s is praying too from 12noon – 2.00pm each day from Friday 6th May – Saturday 14th May (apart from Friday 13th May).  There is also a poster at the back of church with their details.

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