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Broken Boiler – Wrap up Warmly!

The boiler has broken beyond repair. When the PCC met this week concern was expressed that this situation needs to be resolved asap. We have three estimates for both an ordinary replacement and an eco-condenser boiler. The ordinary boiler would cost approximately £15000 and the eco condenser boiler £21000 (because a condenser boiler requires the fitting of a new flue). The eco condenser boiler is much cheaper to run and so we would achieve substantial savings; it is estimated that it would have paid for itself in approximately seven years. This is why the PCC have opted for this type of boiler.   We have been quoted a time of at least two weeks for the parts to arrive and the work to begin.   So, we need the “Dunkirk Spirit” and wrap up warmly. Please would you pray and respond appropriately to the appeal leaflet.

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