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Bells’ Upcoming Dedications ~ December 2016

Tomorrow, 11th December 2016,  at 10.00am we will be dedicating our new bells. This will be the first time many of us have seen the fifteen bells and they will be hung next week, hopefully ready for Christmas. Bells have a special function in our worship life. They call people to worship and into prayer. They also ring out to mark special occasions, such as royal weddings or anniversaries of historic events.  To mark their worshipful significance every bell will be dedicated separately.  Each has been given a significant first name eg: Elizabeth (for our Queen), Mary (for Mary Magdalene, our patron saint). We are especially grateful to the people who have sponsored the bells. We would not have been able to reach the target so quickly without this financial support. So tomorrow is a day of celebration. Their formal thanksgiving will be on 19th March 2017 but for now, let us dedicate our bells to God’s service and delight in hearing them ring again.

The carillon will be set up and running for the formal service in March but various groups in the church have been asked already to select their favourite hymns for inclusion. Hopefully the new digital control will be easier to manage than the system it replaced and the tunes can be changed more easily. The time capsule will be placed in the tower then too.

Bell 1-Swithun

Bells: 2-Lydia; 3-Augustine; 4-Andrew; 5 -Benjamin; 6-Alfred; 6b-John

Bells: 7-Blaise; 8-Thomas; 9-James

Bells: 10-Mary (The Magdalene Bell); 11-Dunstan

Chime Bells: 5#-George; 9#-Ina

Bell 12-Elizabeth (The Somerset Bell)


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